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Creative Classroom Theater Games, Theatre Exercises, Classroom Improvisation Games

Creative Drama Games in the Drama Classroom are excellent warm-up games for young actors!

"When we play we become personally involved and such involvement is essential to education, for true learning requires the discovery of meaning rather than the mere acquisition of knowledge."

Theater games stimulate creativity in performers of all ages. Pioneer offers numerous books that can be used to stimulate creativity in the classroom through drama games. These books not only provide opportunities to use theatre games in a variety of courses, but use them on a daily basis to develop uniformity and creativity in the classroom.

However, there are numerous websites that are available for creative reader's theater for all ages. These games include creative improvisational theater, role playing through theatre, developing senses and many types of dramatic exercises for elementary school students, middle school students and high school students. Explore the following pages below to find the right theatre exercises that will help you.

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