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Titles Trending This Week

10/26 to 10/31

The holidays are upon us. Halloween was last night and it is time to shift gears and focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Christmas is now 7 weeks away. It is not too late to order that Christmas play to perform for the holidays. Here are some of our top tending Christmas plays this week.

Everyone’s Christmas Story By: Kara Wilkins 60 minutes - 4 male 5 female and 9 that can be either. Strong religious theme: This is a cute story that comes full circle. The play starts out by taking the traditional Christmas tale and trying to jazz it up. In the end though, it comes back to the tried and true traditional story.

Fairy Tale Christmas Carol By: Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus 60 Minutes - Flexible cast of 20-31. Fracture Fairy tale meets classical holiday tales. This is a great twist on the classical holiday stories with all the parts being played by your fairy tale characters like the Big Bad Wolf, Jacob Midas and Mother Goose.

Believe By: Faye Couch Reeves 45 minutes – Flexible cast of 33 (parts can be male or female). Has traditional holiday music: This story focuses on getting back to a traditional Christmas and away from the commercial over the top Christmas that we know today.

The Mission By: Karen Jones 20 minutes – 4 male 6 female. Strong religious theme: This show is perfect for learning those lines and putting together a show in just a few weeks. In this tale Jesus has gone missing and the Angels have to find him.

Living Nativity By: Karen Jones 20 minutes – 4 male 4 female. Comical Christmas tale: This story takes place in a courtroom. The nativity scene has become chaos and the members of the church find themselves having to explain themselves to the judge. This is a very funny and cute play.

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