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Holiday Plays to Bring Communities Together

Our Christmas plays and musicals are proven audience pleasers.

Sometimes the smells of pine cones and holly berries are just the thing to set the mood for Christmas. Or perhaps holiday cookies baking in the kitchen sets your heart a-flutter. The smell of greasepaint when family and friends come together to enjoy a holiday play is also a wonderful way to create holiday spirit. Our Christmas plays and musicals are proven audience pleasers. What better way to end the year and begin a new one?

Besides the shows spotlighted below, check out all of our Christmas plays and Christmas musicals. We also have a wide selection of Christmas Carol adaptations on our website. 

Fairy Tale Christmas Carol

All the famous fairy-tale characters take on all of the memorable roles of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. This fun-filled adaptation stays true to the warmth and heart of the classic.

It's a Musical!Jingle Jury

The Candy Cane Courthouse is now in session, and your audience is the jury!  Not only is this show delightful and entertaining, it is also easy to perform with fun, original music, familiar Christmas carols and a role for everybody!


Filled with warmth and brightened by traditional Christmas songs sung by the actors, a choir or even your audience members, everyone touched by this play will find they can truly... Believe!

It's a Musical!Bah, Humbug!

Come share the magic of this wonderful musical adaptation of Dickens's Christmas classic. Bill Francoeur’s original music beautifully accompanies this uplifting retelling, enriched with ample female roles.

CSI: Christmas Scene Investigators

The cast of a Christmas show discovers that the Santa Claus statue has been stolen!  In the end, they reveal just why the true meaning of Christmas is all that really matters.

It's a Musical!Toy Camp

Enter into the world of make-believe, a place where toys learn to be good toys.  A group of toys have come to Toy Camp to hopefully graduate and earn their price tags to be sold at toy stores.

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