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Musical E-views Now Include Music Sampler at No Extra Charge

Your Pioneer Library now has music in it

Electronic preview scripts are great, but if you're perusing a musical, you also need to hear the music, right? Problem solved! Now, whenever you download a musical to your Pioneer library, you automatically also get the music sampler for the show.

Already have musicals in your library? No worries! Your library has been upgraded automatically so even musicals that were previously in your library now have a music sampler.

Our music sampler for each show is the exact track off our CD Samplers. This means you get to hear about a verse and a chorus of every single song in the show along with a little narration to follow the storyline of the musical. Better yet, it gives you a good chance to hear the quality and tempo of our prerecorded music as well as judge whether the vocal range will fit your students.

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