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Video Rights Are Free at Pioneer Drama Service

I can't believe some other companies charge for parents to videotape their kids

Steve and I just got back from another conference, this one in Minneapolis. As much as we love meeting teachers and hearing about their needs, we spend just as much time talking with other vendors, including other publishers.

So I'm shocked—and dismayed—to find yet another play publisher charging for video rights. That's ridiculous! At Pioneer Drama Service, we never charge you extra to allow parents to videotape their kids and post it on Facebook or YouTube. In fact, we encourage it!

Face it—with video cameras no bigger than an iPhone, how are you going to stop them? And why risk an infringement penalty from Samuel French, MTI, Heuer, and now Theatrefolk just because some proud parent wants to record his kid's Oscar-worthy performance for Grandpa and Grandma in Sarasota?

At Pioneer Drama, we're parents, too, so we get it. We never charge you extra for parents to videotape their kids, and we ENCOURAGE posting on Facebook and YouTube. After all, that's what we do at our kids' performances.

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