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Just Released!

New plays from Pioneer Drama

Pioneer Drama is proud to continue our long-standing tradition of offering you the broadest variety of fine shows to meet all your theatre needs. This year alone, our annual catalog is overflowing with 50 new plays and musicals, all handpicked to ensure we continue to offer you only the highest quality selection.

Check out the shows spotlighted below, or click here for a complete listing of our new plays and musicals.

The Secret of Charity Teach

Sure, this fresh and funny traditional melodrama has all the required elements — unattainable love, secrets, deception and trickery. It also has an ancient buried treasure and loads of physical humor and hysterical sight gags!

Aw, Shucks!

Just about when Maw decides it’s time to help her son Roscoe find a perfect Southern belle to be his bride, he comes home with a city-girl fiancé. Maw is determined to prove that she knows best, so along with her sisters, she decides that an old-fashioned hoedown is the only way to decide who Roscoe should marry.

The Taming of the Shoe

Fairytale friends both new and familiar come together in this short play about love, friendship and of course... shoes! A fun take on the classic "Elves and the Shoemaker," this show will delight all ages!

The Unprincess

When the immature and power hungry Princess Cecily drops a dirty shoe into Maggie’s water bucket, our heroine sees the stark contrast between the pampered lives of the royals and the powerless and poor lives of the villagers. This charming story is full of twists and turns and a wonderful ending, complete with a moral!

The Mission

Suitable for all ages, The Mission is perfect as part of a church service or anywhere you desire a humorous skit with a strong Christian message that’s appropriate at Christmas, Easter or any time of year.

Soapy Smith's Winter Wish

With a double-twist of a surprise ending, this delectable play is a funny and touching comedy and easy to produce for the holidays or at any time of year. Includes dialogue to easily make this winter wish into a Christmas wish.

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