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Help for the First-Time Director

Tips to help you get through that first production.

By Kevin Stone

So you’re directing the play! Congratulations! You are about to experience a few weeks of intense growth and vivid discovery. Directing a play for the first time is something you’ll never forget, and you’ll touch many lives in the process.

Don't Panic. There may be moments of panic in putting together a production, but don’t let panic become your default setting. One of the many benefits of directing a play is the honing of problem-solving skills, so meet those difficulties with a clear-headed, can-do attitude. Let your actors see your coolness under pressure. You can do it!

Get Organized. A director is, in many ways, a coordinator and facilitator. Bringing together the many different strands of a play production requires a fair amount of pre-planning and organization. A rehearsal schedule is very helpful. Set deadlines for dropping scripts, collecting props and posting play bills. Reserve the first few practices for blocking out the scenes, and make sure to include a tech practice or two. You don’t have to keep the schedule with a grim rigidity, but the actors and their parents should have a good idea of what is expected and when. Communicate to everyone that rehearsal time is precious and that, during rehearsal, the focus needs to be on the play.

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