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Make Your Playwriting Site More Visible

Grow your fan-base and reach new potential producers of your plays with these playwright blogging tips

So you've decided to start blogging. Great! Now, to make your blog or website a success, you've got to make it zing in order to make it more visible in that deep, endless chasm that is the internet. Here's an overview of how to make your site really pop!


This is the number rule to getting search engines to find your page. It's all about content. You need lots of it, which is why a playwright blog is slightly preferred over a mere webpage. Regularly updated and original content will help your site appear nearer to the top of related search results. That's how new customers are going to find out about you.

So, what kind of content are you going to supply on your playwright blog? Obviously, you'll want to have all kinds of information about your plays and productions of your plays. Don't be shy here. Pat yourself on the back and tell the world about your stuff. This is what self-promotion is all about, and remember, if you don't promote your plays, there may be few who will.

Other types of content may include the things happening in your life, or your writing process and info on new projects you're working on. Perhaps you include reviews of other shows or your thoughts on news and current events.

One bit of advice to keep in mind is that while this is your public arena, you should be aware to put your best foot forward. While you may want to let your fans get to know you, your playwright page might not be the best platform for expressing political views or extreme opinions on hotly debated topics. The goal is to let people get to know you so they want to produce your shows. Tread carefully.


I love links. I link my blog to everything. It's linked to the publisher's website where my blog readers can quickly and easily purchase one of my plays, it's linked to other playwright blogs (who kindly link back to mine!), it's linked to outside pages that are related to whatever topic I might be discussing. The blog even links to itself! In my opinion, you can never have too many links.

SEO Keywords

In your posts, you should also be tagging it with a variety keywords. This is another way you can help search engines find your blog and prioritize it over others in the search results. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Choosing keywords wisely will optimize your page for the best search engine results. A simple web search for SEO will give you more info on how keyword optimization works.

Visually Attractive

You also want your site to look pretty. The most common advice for keeping your blog visually attractive is to have a good layout and color combination, and include plenty of pictures and videos. Be careful not to overdo it, though. Some color and font combinations do not play well together and will make your page difficult to read.


There are lots of other writers out there who are blogging. Interact with them by commenting on their posts. It not only builds community, but is another way to lead others to your site. And don't forget to interact with your fans and those producing your shows. Encourage them on their productions! Ask for permission to share pics from their productions on your site. Help them promote their productions of their shows. It's so much fun to hear from those producing your plays and let them know how much they are appreciated.

This is the fourth and final installment of the series on playwright self-promotion. To access the other three posts, click here: Part 1 - Look at Me! Look at Me!; Part 2 - Networking and Making Important Connections; Part 3 - The Power of Playwright Websites and Blogs
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