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The Power of Playwright Websites and Blogs

Part three on playwright self-promotion

The single most important way you can make yourself more visible and be discovered and remembered as a playwright is to maintain a blog or website. This will help theatre people find you and your plays more easily and gives you an effective medium where you can connect with your fans.

Your playwright page should basically be a one stop shop where potential customers can find out everything they need to know about you, your plays and how they can go about licensing your plays for production. It should be informative, but should also be attractive and represent your personal style or the style of your plays.

There are many sites to set up a free blog or website. Wordpress and Blogger are quite popular among writers. The free versions include adequate features so that you can create an emersive website experience for your visitors, but both services also have an upgrade for a small yearly fee to create your own domain and the upgrade allows your site to have additional features. They are also very user-friendly sites, so setting up an attractive website is an extremely easy process, even for those who are not very computer-savvy.

And setting up and maintaining the site is a ton of fun! Okay, it requires a little extra effort, but I assure you it's fun and it's my preferred way to self-promote my own shows. It's also a great way to network as teachers, directors and other playwrights will be able to 'follow' your blog or bookmark your site. I love being so easily connected with the community of other playwright bloggers and we invite you to join our community.

If you're interested in creating your own website or blog, feel free to take some inspiration from my site as well as the sites of my fellow playwright bloggers:

Brian D. Taylor

Todd Wallinger

Patrick Rainville Dorn

T. James Belich

Mike Steele

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