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Another day, more popular middle school musicals and high school musicals

Our musicals, musicals for children and musicals for middle school drama clubs and high school drama clubs are the best the nation has to offer.

Our musicals are special. Every day when I speak with someone on the phone, I find that I receive compliment after compliment on a Pioneer Drama Service musical comedy. Why?

First, we make sure that our musicals are designed for elementary schools, junior high schools, middle schools, high schools and many community theaters. Sets can be designed to be simple or, if desired, can be very elaborate. Most of our musicals have few sets, making it easier to perform. In addition, casts are designed paticularly for many schools that have a predominately female cast. Moving on, the shows have high quality music and come with CDs that can be used for performances and rehearsals. Cost? Easy to afford.

I feel the strongest point, though, is that they are not as well-known as your typical Broadway show. Broadway Jr., an excellent MTI creation, takes away the originality that our materials bring. It's as one director told me, "My child felt so much pressure being Tevya. He wanted a role in which he could portray someone who had not been seen a million times. That's why we're back with you."

I am not putting down Broadway Jr. It certainly has its positive points. However, people are drawn to our company because of the balanced cast, music that has not been heard a million times and has roles in which the young actors can pull together their own characters.

We have close to 200 musicals that are done thousands of times each year. We offer CD samplers in which you can hear songs from each and every one of our musicals.

My opinion? We're the best on the market when it comes for quality musicals that are perfect for middle school plays, junior high school plays, high school plays and many community theatres.

Take a look at where our shows have been.

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