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Readers Theatre plays for middle school classrooms, high school classrooms and churches.

Reader's Theater Playscripts in classroom education and for the stage: The Theatrical Impulse!


“The theatrical impulse in Readers Theatre is interested in pursuing the artistic and dramatic visualization of the actions, attitudes, and emotions of literary characters in classroom performance. The Readers Theatre theatrical impulse is also the same one shared with traditional theatre practice in terms of the focus on a written text, attention to pictorial composition, vocal and physical performance techniques that capture a three-dimensional character portrait, and the cultivation of an informed audience response to text, performance, and production.

Readers Theatre literary characters do not leap from the printed page full-blown in a detailed description of their performance intention or motivation. They emerge in infinitely subtle and frequently disguised classroom rehearsal clues that pint the way to striking elements of character development generally found in traditional theatre approaches to role-playing. The classroom performance challenge is to seize these theatrical role-playing opportunities revealed in rehearsal and to fill in the tentative or incomplete literary character outline with as much inventive self-expression as possible.”

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