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Publisher's Diary

My office is open to you. Come on in and find out how plays are chosen. Get a glimpse at the workings of one of the largest play publishing companies in North America.

Get a glimpse at the musings of Steve Fendrich, publisher of one of the leading play publishing companies in North America. Pioneer Drama Service is an international business with thousands of customers throughout the United States, Canada and the world. In the last six years, we've had productions of our plays and musicals in 59 different countries and currently represent the works of more than 300 playwrights. Our reputation among writers mirrors what customers worldwide think of us: we're friendly and easily accessible, responsive to their requests and honorable in all our business dealings.

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Making the Demo CD

Pioneer Drama Service offers CD Samplers for our musicals.

Had a great time yesterday making a CD Sampler for Princess Whatsername. The sampler has a narrated plot along with clips of every single song in the show to help teachers and directors choose the perfect musical for their group. And believe me, you'll love Princess Whatsername is you're seeking a large-cast, fun and fresh children's musical.

With script in one hand and a copy of the  vocal rehearsal CD in another, I walked into Studio B. I have been working with Doug Brand, a sound engineer, for over twenty-five years. (We now publish over 200 musicals!) When I walked into the studio, I immediately laid down my voice track. This recording (which used to go on a reel-to-reel tape) was put directly on a sound program that is specifically used for mixing music. From there, we took sound bites from each of the songs and wove narration and music together to present the storyline of the show. This, of course, shows everyone why Pioneer’s original musicals are just right for the amateur and professional stage.

Want a great musical? Princess Whatsername is now available!

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Adventures of a Comic Book Artist

Thanks to Kids Community Theatre in Winnipeg


Congratulations to the Kids Community Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba for their production of Adventures of a Comic Book Artist by Pat Lydersen and Wendy Woolf. Everyone loves comic book superheroes, including the kids in this picture! Both cast and audience will love this action-packed spoof of the comic book genre complete with hysterical singing superheroes and dancing villains.  

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Reading of Totally Awesome 80s

Great time!
I had the pleasure of going with Bill Francoeur to watch a reading of TOTALLY AWESOME 80s. Awesome show! Awesome reading! Awesome 80s! During the reading, parts of the music was played to get the feel of the show. Kids loved it. So, if anyone wants to experience the era, this is the show for you.
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Thanks to Rose Theatre

Youth theatre taming the 'Wild West' at the Rose
Thanks to Rose Theatre in Bastrop, LA for putting on WILD, WILD WILDEST WEST IN A DRESS by Billy St. John. The Rose is filled with antiques and artwork typical of her heyday in the 1920's. The stage has been expanded, new carpet installed, and many modern comforts added for her guests. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987 --- a fitting tribute to the Rose and the community spirit that has made her a landmark in every way for Northeast Louisiana.
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Great review of Tom Sawyer

Dave Barton, playwright, sent this to me.

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